About Gerry Cosby & Co., Inc.

Gerry Cosby had a life long passion for sports.  He displayed tremendous athletic ability in all sports, but ice hockey became his main focus.  He evolved into an outstanding ice hockey goalie.

Gerry Cosby’s first notable experience on the ice occurred in 1928 when the manager of the Boston Tigers asked him to fill in for an injured goaltender.  His first few days in the net were rocky, but he persevered to become one of the best American born goaltenders in history.

  • In 1933 he was named the goaltender for the only U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team to win a gold medal in The World Championships held in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
  • In 1935 he was voted English Hockey League most valuable player while tending goal for the Wembley Lions.
  • In 1936 he was invited to join the United States Olympic Team, but was unable to accept the offer due to a prior business commitment.

During the late 1930’s into the early 1940’s, Gerry played for the New York Rovers, while also serving as the practice goalie for the New York Rangers and New York Americans.

In April of 1997 Gerry Cosby was inducted posthumously into The International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame for his incredible goal tending on the international level.

Gerry Cosby not only showed amazing skill on the ice, he also possessed great talent when it came to the development of sporting goods equipment.  He was fascinated by the science of the equipment.  His innate abilities and interest led to many innovations that are common place in the world of sports.

In the sport of ice hockey  he incorporated the fiber thumb and wrist into the hockey glove, and redesigned hockey jerseys to allow equipment to be worn comfortably underneath.  He instituted the adjustable size and suspension style in the hockey helmet.  He also introduced the ankle protector, cellular rubber goalie equipment, and Velcro straps for hockey pads to ice hockey.  In addition to these innovations, he worked with a stick manufacturer to create laminated stick shafts and fiber glass wrapped blades.

In the sport of American football, Gerry Cosby designed a complete line of football pads.  Gerry Cosby Mr. Tops football shoulder pads are worn by many players at all levels of American football.

Gerry Cosby proudly created his own line of custom made equipment bags.  The Gerry Cosby bags are designed with both style and durability and are used by athletes around the world.

Gerry Cosby dreamt of creating a brand synonymous with winning.  He wanted Cosby’s to represent The Professionals’ Choice.  He cared about unparalleled quality and service, and he wanted complete customer satisfaction.  Today, Cosby’s still upholds the same dream.  Our customers are our greatest asset.  We continually strive to meet any and all of your sporting goods needs.

Thank you for your patronage and loyalty.
Michael Cosby, Christy Cosby French, and Matthew Cosby